Rock’n’roll and race report from the lava fields – Kona 2014

Normally I don’t do race reports that well, but after the big race yesterday is it obvious a good idea to wrote down some lines – and excuse me it is loooong time ago since I have written any kind of summary in english. My Englishteacher from Gym is for sure embarrassed 😉

What a day

It began quite good, was so prepared to do my 4th Ironman, and of cause the world championship. A course that I ironically had tried before.

Swim – actually a thought it was better than it actually was. It was a tough one, with a lot of waves and disturbances. I just still failed (again) the disciplin called navigation 😉 But otherwise, I came up and thought I’ve had a really great swim in 53 min. – not to believe of, that gave a good energy for starting at my ride. – but it wasn’t correct I swam 1:03, under the circumstances it’s all right.

T1 – very good, fast one in 2:09 min

Bike – Very fast T1 and then ready for rocking on the bike, startet pretty fast and found my position at Queens K – and then the wind came… Jesus strong wind a hard bike ride on the course. Very glad about my Power, cadence and effect on my Garmin – that helped me to stay aggressive on the bike even the wind was strong. Good bike ride, same power and actually a little more power than Frankfurt just 23 min slower. Bike time 5.31

T2: Also a quick one 02:43 min

Run – I was so prepared to take the control over Queens K this year, and I did have the control all the way. Maybe a little too much under control, it was hurting, my food was complaining and I was so tired, but could I have pushed myself a little harder ?   I think so, but I stayed a little too much in my comfortzone for the last k’s. All right run, but I’ve had hoped for a 12 minutes faster time. Comfortzone, tiredness and a hurting foot, was difficult to ignore. But then I was fresh enough to celebrate my race with the spectors and helpers all the way to the finish line – where the famous words were spoken “Cecilie Mathorne – You are an Ironman” – what a great sentence.

Nr. 5 in Age group – happy and satisfied.

SO what is my post-race-thoughts?

I’ve learned much that Saturday!

Before race with my preparations, my terms, priorities and the balance with a full-time job and still want a life besides work and triathlon.

In 2015, there is more to come. I can be even faster… (especially on the run) the ladies out there is stroooooong and pretty fast.

But first of all – Its time for vacation. I will enjoy some days here at Hawaii, zero-triathlon-stuff, hanging out on the beach, take a nap when it’s needed….. and of cause a lot of good food, drinks and red wine 🙂

Thanks a lot for all the greetings and congratulations – it definitely means a lot to me and I appreciate every single one.

What a great ending of this – season 2014, going to the podium in Kona 🙂

Thanks to Frank Jakobsen for great pictures to make that evening memorially  🙂

10623584_924212217608373_8506965984619918003_o 10694390_924211147608480_4140919937682879724_o 10662051_924211970941731_2817504304167453251_o

Special thanks to my coach Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic and those who supported me through my road to Kona:

Out of bubblegum coaching, AHcykler, Saysky Copenhagen, Sundoggod, Causa, TYR, 32GI, Third Wave Nutrition, P20.

Om ceciliemathornetriathlete

Jeg kan ingenting med en bold eller klare koordinationen på et zumba-hold. Derimod er jeg ret god til at svømme, cykle og løbe - særligt når de tre ting kombineres til en Ironman. Jeg begyndte på tri i april 2013, og det tog hurtig fart og flere sejre er siden hævet i land. Denne sommer blev jeg Europamester for kvindelige age groupers og deltager for 2. år i træk ved VM på Hawaii den 11. oktober 2014 :-) De første svømmetag er taget i Herfølge svømmehal men er senere skiftet ud med Øresund og Bellahøj badet. Jeg stiller op i age group 25-29 og nyder godt af den et helt år endnu ;-)
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